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2015-2016 Fundraising Goals

Fundraising provides our teaching staff with the tools, expertise and time to deliver a rich and complete education for our children. Your support helps the Argonne Elementary community thrive! FUNDRAISING EVENTS Your individual donation makes the difference! Walk-a-Thon A great way to build the Wolf Pack spirit. Parking Fundraisers Outside Lands & Hardly Strictly Bluegrass (Oct 3-4) Outside money into our school! Auctions Summer Camp (Feb) & General Auction (Nov) Parent Night Out Come socialize with the adult Wolf Pack. Grant Writing Greening and tech grants for our school. Birthday Book Club Celebrate your child’s birthday while supporting our school’s...

Birthday Book Club

If you are looking for a unique way to recognize your child’s birthday AND support our school library, please consider signing up for the Argonne Book Club. More information here: Library BB Club Argonne birthday form

Summer Lunch/Recess Help

We would love your help with summer lunch/recess monitoring We don’t have an official sign up for summer sessions but if you’re free any school day from 11:15-12:05 (not even an hour! C’mon ya know you wanna!) then just come to school, sign in and ask the yard/lunchroom staff how you can be of help. They love it! Planning on being there anyway with your little one? Once your child is settled ask the staff if they need anything. It’s easy and fun! These little sweethearts are getting used to a big school and really need our smiling faces to...

Google Groups Signup

There are two Argonne Elementary Google groups open to parents. read below for an explanation of each and how to sign up.! This list will be used for official communication from Argonne Elementary School administration, Argonne PTO, and Tuesday newsletters. All messages will be moderated. If you have a question for the Argonne community, please email list; this list is for official school news only.! This list is open to the entire Argonne Community. This is the right place to ask questions about dentist recommendations, or to discuss the parking situation around the school, etc. All messages...

Chinese Afterschool Program

Click on the photos to see more from our Lunar New Year Celebration on February 7, 2014 The program has been designed to offer children the opportunity to develop proficiency in Chinese as a second language and enrich with the understanding and appreciation of Chinese language, customs, and cultures. The Argonne Chinese After School Program was founded and established by parents in 1999. The program provides the Argonne community with an opportunity to learn Chinese language and culture. The program operates within guidelines set by the School Parent Teacher Organization (PTO), a not-for-profit organization with the 501(c) (3) status. CASP...


Parent-Teach Organization (PTO)

PTO One of the amazing assets that Argonne has is its parents and our community. We are so grateful to have a thriving and involved group of parents helping lead initiatives at our school. We ask you to join us!!! Current Officers: PTO Co-Chair: Ray Oyung PTO Co-Chair: Chanda Nash PTO Treasurer: William Chang PTO Assistant Treasurer: Jennifer Carlin PTO Communications Co-Chair: Erika Malzberg PTO Communications Co-Chair: Mark Chichester PTO Fundraising Chair: Sharon Davis PTO Recording Secretary: Oliver Dunlap, Sheryl Denker To get involved email us! We can help you discover the right role for you. Our parent leadership is...

Afterschool Enrichment

Argonne offers many after-school enrichment classes each trimester, as well as the summer session. Classes start immediately after school ends at 2.45pm (2.05pm in summer), and typically run for 1-1.5 hrs, 1 class per week for 8-12 weeks. Enrichment classes are open to all. Students enrolled in YMCA, RDASC or CASP after-school programs may participate. For a complete list and to sign-up, please go to the Afterschool Enrichment Registration page

Argonne PTO Recognized by SF Board of Supervisors

  Supervisor Eric Mar invited representatives from Argonne Elementary to the SF Board of Supervisors meeting on Tuesday March 12, 2013 to receive a commendation “for transforming Argonne ES into an outstanding symbol of community engagement” through our greening and beautification projects. Representing Argonne included parents Tina Eshaghpour, Neil Hrushowy, Andy May, plus our greening instructor Marcos Major, Argonne staff, Ms. Okubo, and Ms. Cox and student Noah Eshaghpour-Silberman. Our warmest congratulations to everyone that contributed towards making Argonne’s greener!

Russian Language and Culture

With the assistance of federal FLAP (Foreign Language Assistance Program) funds, the SFUSD began its first Russian FLES (Foreign Language in Elementary School) program at Argonne in 2007. There are 370 K-4th grade students from different backgrounds receiving Russian language instruction and there are also 34 students in the after-school Russian for Heritage Speakers program in grades K-4. Students in the FLES K-2 program receive Russian language instruction twice a week for 30 minutes, while 3rd and 4th grade students receive instruction twice a week for 45 minutes. Russian for Heritage speakers classes meet also meets twice a week after...