2015-2016 Fundraising Goals


Fundraising provides our teaching staff with the tools, expertise and time to deliver a rich and complete education for our children. Your support helps the Argonne Elementary community thrive!


  • Your individual donation makes the difference! Walk-a-Thon A great way to build the Wolf Pack spirit.
  • Parking Fundraisers Outside Lands & Hardly Strictly Bluegrass (Oct 3-4) Outside money into our school!
  • Auctions Summer Camp (Feb) & General Auction (Nov) Parent Night Out Come socialize with the adult Wolf Pack.
  • Grant Writing Greening and tech grants for our school.
  • Birthday Book Club Celebrate your child’s birthday while supporting our school’s library.
  • Giving Letter Our most critical fundraiser as it yields 2⁄3 of the PTO budget.
  • Spring Fair & Raffle The Springtime carnival for the whole family, with incredible raffle & prizes.
  • Community Events Special events at House of Air, Joe’s Ice Cream, Sports Basement, Patxi’s Pizza, Books Inc and Pasta Pomodoro. A percentage of sales go back to Argonne!
  • Wolf Pack Count-Me- In Parties Parent or teacher hosted events to unite and inspire our community – Play dates at the park, Craft parties, Trivia & Poker Nights…
  • Shop for Argonne Support our school while you shop – sponsored clickthroughs to Amazon from www.argonnesf.org, Target REDCard rewards and Scripps.


  1. Teacher Collaboration (Professional Development)
  2. Reading Team Specialists
  3. Full-time Counselor (Second Step)
  4. Physical Education 5. Computer Lab
  5. Art in Action
  6. Garden Teacher
  7. Writing Instruction for 4th graders
  8. Field Trips

See www.argonnesf.org/giving or contact Sharon Davis (argonnesffundraising@gmail.com or 415 341 2568) for information.

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Summer Lunch/Recess Help

We would love your help with summer lunch/recess monitoring

We don’t have an official sign up for summer sessions but if you’re free any school day from 11:15-12:05 (not even an hour! C’mon ya know you wanna!) then just come to school, sign in and ask the yard/lunchroom staff how you can be of help. They love it!

Planning on being there anyway with your little one? Once your child is settled ask the staff if they need anything. It’s easy and fun!

These little sweethearts are getting used to a big school and really need our smiling faces to let them know they have support when they need it.

Here’s that link again to sign-ups for the regular school year for those that may have missed it and thanks to those who have already signed up!

We’re using VolunteerSpot (the leading online signup and reminder tool) to organize our upcoming activity.

Please sign up for Argonne Lunch/Recess Help!

Here’s how it works in 3 easy steps:
1. Click this link to go to our invitation page on VolunteerSpot
2. Enter your email address. (You will NOT need to register an account on VolunteerSpot)
3. Sign up! Choose your spots – VolunteerSpot will send you an automated confirmation and reminders. Easy!

Note: VolunteerSpot does not share your email address with anyone. If you prefer not to use your email address, please contact Alyssa Miller and she will sign you up manually.

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Google Groups Signup

There are two Argonne Elementary Google groups open to parents. read below for an explanation of each and how to sign up.

This list will be used for official communication from Argonne Elementary School administration, Argonne PTO, and Tuesday newsletters. All messages will be moderated. If you have a question for the Argonne community, please email community@argonnesf.org list; this list is for official school news only.

This list is open to the entire Argonne Community. This is the right place to ask questions about dentist recommendations, or to discuss the parking situation around the school, etc. All messages to the list will be moderated to make sure there are no inappropriate or offensive postings.

>>> Why do we need two mailing lists?
We’d like to separate official school communications from discussions of the general Argonne community to make sure that everyone pays appropriate attention to official school news. We’re adding you to both lists; at least one parent from each Argonne family needs to stay on news@argonnesf.org list.

>>>Will I get spam?
NO! All messages to news@argonnesf.org will be moderated, so spam will simply not go through.

>>> More questions? We’d love to help! Email tech@argonnesf.org

Click here to sign up for Argonne News! and click here to sign up for Argonne Community!

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Chinese Afterschool Program

lunar new year celebration 2014 Lunar New Year Celebration 2014 Lunar New Year Celebration 2014
Click on the photos to see more from our Lunar New Year Celebration on February 7, 2014

The program has been designed to offer children the opportunity to develop proficiency in Chinese as a second language and enrich with the understanding and appreciation of Chinese language, customs, and cultures.

The Argonne Chinese After School Program was founded and established by parents in 1999. The program provides the Argonne community with an opportunity to learn Chinese language and culture. The program operates within guidelines set by the School Parent Teacher Organization (PTO), a not-for-profit organization with the 501(c) (3) status.

CASP Application (PDF format)

CASP Handbook (updated 09-22-15) (PDF format)

CASP Brochure (updated 03-16) (PDF format)

Program Registration Info

  • Argonne’s Chinese After School Program(CASP) provides Mandarin or Cantonese language instruction classes for Argonne students grade K-5.
  • CASP accepts applications year round. Applications for wait listed students will be kept on file pending future openings.
  • CASP is parent-run and relies heavily on volunteers.
  • Family participation will be weighed heavily for enrollment consideration.
  • Each family is committed to 10 volunteer hours upon program enrollment.
  • Additional fees will be assessed for any unmet volunteer hours at $10 per missed hour.
  • Each family is required to attend 5 mandatory program meetings per enrolled school year.
  • Attendance counts towards the volunteer hours requirement.

Daily Schedule

(2:40pm – 3pm)  Students gather at the multipurpose room for roll call and snack from home.
(3pm-3:50pm)  Lesson/Enrichment
(3:50pm-4:10pm)  Recess
(4:10pm-5pm)  Lesson/Enrichment
(5pm-6pm)  Homework Time
(5:15-6:00pm)  Pick up

Late fee is billed at $1 per minute late after 6pm.

Program Fees

Fall 2016: To be determined: includes books , supplies & materials + ($25 for two Program Tee Shirts for all new students)

Spring 2017: To be determined

Teachers may ask for additional supplies to be contributed from families for their child(ren).

(Program fees are reviewed annually and subject to change.)

Program Calendar

The program operates on the same extended year calendar as Argonne Elementary. Summer session is open to grades 1-5 only. Please contact any program officer for more information.


As the program is entirely non-profit, collected program fees are determined by the teacher’s salaries, liability insurance and supplies only. Any contribution is welcomed and much needed to further enrich program curriculum and special projects. Please contact any program officer for more information or to make a donation.

Our Teachers

Flora Chen
Vivian Gee
Zoe Zhu

Our Teacher Assistants

Diana Ma
Isolde Chen (Substitute)
Melissa Hou
Shirley Cai
Shirley Zhang
Weng Wong (Substitute)

Program Officers

Gerald Crump (Co-Chair)
Judy Huey (Co-Chair)
Joe Lam (Treasurer)
Margaret Poza (Secretary)

Advisory Committee

Janet Yieh (Parent)
Jason Beckham (Parent)
Winnie Kwei (Parent)
Ray Oyung (Parent & PTO Co-Chair)

Please direct any inquiries or questions to argonne_es_casp_officers@yahoogroups.com

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Parent-Teach Organization (PTO)


One of the amazing assets that Argonne has is its parents and our community. We are so grateful to have a thriving and involved group of parents helping lead initiatives at our school. We ask you to join us!!!

Current Officers:
PTO Co-Chair: Ray Oyung
PTO Co-Chair: Chanda Nash
PTO Treasurer: William Chang
PTO Assistant Treasurer: Jennifer Carlin
PTO Communications Co-Chair: Erika Malzberg
PTO Communications Co-Chair: Mark Chichester
PTO Fundraising Chair: Sharon Davis
PTO Recording Secretary: Oliver Dunlap, Sheryl Denker

To get involved email us! We can help you discover the right role for you.

Our parent leadership is what keeps our community strong and allows us to continuously improve the education we deliver to our kids.  We are extremely fortunate to have so many parents that help out in all aspects of our school.  Argonne’s parent involvement has increased our fundraising capability,  and allows us to to provide our children with the extracurricular programming and special academic support they deserve.  Most importantly it defines the culture of our school community as one that works together to achieve our goals.

Thank you to all of you who are involved and bring so much energy and talent to our school. We encourage new parents and anyone who has not yet been able to participate to join us!  We have a lot of fun and enjoy our success in working together.


Each year we welcome additional parents to join us and become more involved our PTO. The PTO is seeking people who are willing to train in the following areas to support our organization:

Communications — We want to make sure we are communicating with each other effectively. This includes helping publish a weekly (mostly on-line) newsletter, managing our Argonne website, keeping family database up-to-date and other communication strategies.

Technology — We are working to better integrate our new computer lab and technology with grade-level appropriate curriculum in the classroom. We are looking for parents with Macintosh administration skills to help on an ongoing basis to help the lab running smoothly

Fundraising/Resource Development — Join our parent volunteers who help us pursue grants, develop partnerships and fund-raise. This includes the giving letter, Mayfair and all the other new ideas we can deploy next year to increase our goals! We have a great crew that works tirelessly for our school, but they can always use an extra pair of hands….

Multi-Cultural Committee (ELAC) – Beyond advising the school in it’s English Language Acquisition Program, the Multi-Cultural Committee sponsors events that engage our diverse community. The Lunar New Year Celebration is one of Argonne’s favorite events.

Programming — We need committed parent volunteers willing to help us plan special programs and events.

Volunteer coordinating — Join our committed parent volunteer coordinators to help us recruit and track parent volunteers to make sure we leverage all the resources available and have us organized and ready for any activity that needs a pair of hands!

Green Argonne — Help out with our schoolyard initiative that includes beautification, greening, and providing healthy choices for our school.

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Afterschool Enrichment

Argonne offers many after-school enrichment classes each trimester, as well as the summer session. Classes start immediately after school ends at 2.45pm (2.05pm in summer), and typically run for 1-1.5 hrs, 1 class per week for 8-12 weeks. Enrichment classes are open to all. Students enrolled in YMCA, RDASC or CASP after-school programs may participate. For a complete list and to sign-up, please go to the Afterschool Enrichment Registration page

Title File Name Caption Date
PTO Afterschool Enrichment Policies PTO_ASE_Policies.pdf August 25, 2015 3:55 pm
CASP Handbook (May 2014) CASP_Handbook_0514.pdf May 15, 2014 10:18 pm
CASP Brochure (May 2014) CASP_Brochure_0514.pdf May 15, 2014 10:17 pm
CASP Application (May 2014) CASP_Application_0514.pdf May 15, 2014 10:17 pm
CASP Handbook(March 2014) CASP_HandbookMarch-2014.pdf March 18, 2014 9:08 pm
CASP Application (rev.March 18 2014) CASP-Application-March-18-2014revised.pdf March 18, 2014 9:08 pm
ASE-Procedures ASE-Procedures.pdf July 24, 2013 12:09 pm
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Argonne PTO Recognized by SF Board of Supervisors



Supervisor Eric Mar invited representatives from Argonne Elementary to the SF Board of Supervisors meeting on Tuesday March 12, 2013 to receive a commendation “for transforming Argonne ES into an outstanding symbol of community engagement” through our greening and beautification projects. Representing Argonne included parents Tina Eshaghpour, Neil Hrushowy, Andy May, plus our greening instructor Marcos Major, Argonne staff, Ms. Okubo, and Ms. Cox and student Noah Eshaghpour-Silberman. Our warmest congratulations to everyone that contributed towards making Argonne’s greener!

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Russian Language and Culture

With the assistance of federal FLAP (Foreign Language Assistance Program) funds, the SFUSD began its first Russian FLES (Foreign Language in Elementary School) program at Argonne in 2007. There are 370 K-4th grade students from different backgrounds receiving Russian language instruction and there are also 34 students in the after-school Russian for Heritage Speakers program in grades K-4. Students in the FLES K-2 program receive Russian language instruction twice a week for 30 minutes, while 3rd and 4th grade students receive instruction twice a week for 45 minutes.

Russian for Heritage speakers classes meet also meets twice a week after school for 45 minutes. The FLES program will add a grade level every year until it becomes a full K-5 articulated program in 2012. For a full schedule, please visit our schedule page.

The Curriculum

The curriculum is based on folktales and Russian literature, songs and poetry — a rich resource for cultural lessons. The thematic units align with national and California state standards and the curriculum provides a comprehensive framework for building and developing oral skills, communicative competency, and literacy. Culture is an integral part of the curriculum, a natural and organic element that is woven into its tapestry and introduced through hands-on activities, story telling, poetry, games, drama, and role-play. Visuals, puppets, colorful illustrations and hand-made materials create an environment that enables children to learn the Russian language.

Our Russian program at Argonne supports the vision of the SFUSD. One of the goals of its strategic plan is to graduate students with the skills/capacities required for successful 21st century citizenship (academic competence) that include a high level of multilingual/multicultural skills.

The research shows that:
Synapses that exist in a young child’s brain to support language learning disappear if they are not used, making it harder to learn a language as one ages. In addition, young children are able to acquire accent and intonation with more facility than older students and adults. In studying a foreign language, students gain a greater understanding of their own language, and this study also enhances their listening skills and memory. The age of 10 is a crucial time in the development of attitudes toward nations and groups perceived as “other,” according to research of Piaget, Lambert and others. Learning a second language promotes cognitive development, which supports academic achievement. Data from the Admissions Testing program of the College Board show that verbal scores of students on the SAT increased with each additional year of foreign-language study. With a growing global economy, there is an increasing demand for job applicants who speak another language”.

For more information: please visit our Russian Class Website

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