Google Groups Signup

There are two Argonne Elementary Google groups open to parents. read below for an explanation of each and how to sign up.!
This list will be used for official communication from Argonne Elementary School administration, Argonne PTO, and Tuesday newsletters. All messages will be moderated. If you have a question for the Argonne community, please email list; this list is for official school news only.!
This list is open to the entire Argonne Community. This is the right place to ask questions about dentist recommendations, or to discuss the parking situation around the school, etc. All messages to the list will be moderated to make sure there are no inappropriate or offensive postings.

>>> Why do we need two mailing lists?
We’d like to separate official school communications from discussions of the general Argonne community to make sure that everyone pays appropriate attention to official school news. We’re adding you to both lists; at least one parent from each Argonne family needs to stay on list.

>>>Will I get spam?
NO! All messages to will be moderated, so spam will simply not go through.

>>> More questions? We’d love to help! Email

Click here to sign up for Argonne News! and click here to sign up for Argonne Community!