6th Annual Wolf Pack Wellness Walk: Friday Aug 4 2017

​On Friday August 4, 2017, Argonne Elementary School’s Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) will be hosting our 6th Annual Wolf Pack Wellness Walk (formerly Rock N’ Walk Walk-a-Thon). We will close out the summer session in Wolf Pack style as we walk around the block and celebrate our community while raising money for the many programs that help make Argonne an exceptional school.​
More than a School
​Argonne Elementary School is more than a school, it is a community of families, educators, neighbors and friends who have come together to provide a safe and nurturing environment in which our children learn.​
More than a Fundraiser
The Wolf Pack Wellness Walk is more than a fundraiser, it’s a celebration of the close of our summer session, one of the many things that make Argonne unique. The Wolf Pack Wellness Walk is our first large community event and while there is a fundraising component, our focus is on recognizing our wonderful community and teaching our children the importance of being physically active.​
Special Meaning
This year we walk with a special purpose as we lovingly remember the amazing life of Mr. Bill Pittman. Our beloved physical education instructor who was our community’s strongest advocate of health and wellness activities. Mr. Bill taught children and adults a like to be true to ourselves, to take care our health and bodies, and most importantly to be great friends. This year we walk in loving memory of Mr. Bill Pittman and all that he taught us.​
How it Happens
After morning assembly the classes will take turns walking or jogging around the block. Parents and staff supervise stations on the path and pass out healthy snacks, water and provide entertainment and encouragement. Many parents walk with their kids and easily log in the doctor recommended daily steps. It’s a great time to meet your children’s classmates, teacher and other parents. While we are walking, the San Francisco Fire Department will be grilling lunch on their vintage fire truck retrofitted with a large BBQ grill, affectionately known as the Crucible. We are delighted that the San Francisco Fire Department is able to join our celebration! The children typically have an opportunity to climb onto the front of the Crucible for a fun class photo before they eat lunch.
Whether you are a volunteer, a walker or a sponsor we invite you to join our celebration! The Wolf Pack Wellness Walk cannot happen without the support of our wonderful volunteers.
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Argonne Wolf Pack Wellness Walk Schedule:
8:40-9:10       1st Grade
9:10-9:40       2nd Grade
9:40-10:10      4th Grade
10:10-10:40    3rd Grade (directly following K-3 Morning Recess from 9:45-10:05)
10:45-11:15       Kindergarten (both 1st & 2nd Sessions)
11:15-11:45        5th Grade
Argonne Wolf Pack Wellness Walk Morning Recess Schedule:
​9:45-10:05          K-3 Morning Recess
10:10-10:30         4-5 Morning Recess
Argonne Wolf Pack Wellness Walk Lunch & 2nd Recess Schedule:
11:15-11:50         K-1 Lunch & 2nd Recess
11:45-12:20         2-5 Lunch & 2nd Recess
Memorial Kickball Game for Mr. Bill

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