Congratulations Argonne Wolfbots!

The Argonne Wolfbots won the Innovation Project Award at the FIRST LEGO League robotics tournament, held at Google on November 23 in Sunnyvale, CA. The team of Argonne 5th graders showcased their Green Team project helping Wolfpack community members sort their waste and minimize landfill. In addition to leading presentations on recycling and climate change in classrooms throughout the school, this fall the team held a student-run activity day that raised funds to provide recycling and compost bins for every Argonne classroom. The judges were also impressed that team members were featured on local NBC TV in connection with the Climate Strike this fall. 

At the tournament, it was thrilling when the Wolfbot robot successfully completed all three missions that the students programmed (hurray!). The Wolfbots want to thank Ms. Jennifer Partika; Eric Partika, Jr; Lowell robotics student volunteer Madison; Jane and Matt Nemenman, Terrel Hutton, Kidan Foust, Nancy Tabor, Dhyan Patel and Miles White for volunteer coaching and supporting the team! 

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