Art In Action

Art In Action

Argonne teachers and parents believe that art classes are an essential part of an elementary school education and budget cuts have not stopped from offering art. Since 2002, the Argonne PTO has invested in the Art in Action program to keep art education in our classrooms. Art in Action at Argonne is a parent taught art program for grades K through 3. The goal of the program is to expose students to culturally diverse art and a variety of art materials, and teach age-appropriate art concepts.

In a typical lesson, students look at and discuss a work of art and create their own art inspired by their observations. Examples of featured art are: a painting by Van Gogh, a Polynesian printed cloth, and an ancient Egyptian carved relief. There are 12 lessons per year, and each grade has a different set of artwork. The program has been very successful. The kids look forward to the lessons, and everyone—parents as well as students—learns and has fun!

How you can get in on the action?
We need volunteers for Art in Action. Any amount of help is appreciated. Each class needs at least one lead parent-teacher and as many helpers as are available. You can teach or assist for any number of lessons. No art experience is needed. The program offers parent-teacher training specific to each grade. Training starts this month (now!) and includes hands-on demonstrations. In addition, the program has a convenient new feature: on-line training for parents complete with video demos. We also need help hanging student artwork throughout the year. Non-English speaking family members are welcome to participate.

Volunteering for Art in Action is a wonderful opportunity to be a part of your child’s education, get to know his or her classmates and their families, and discover your inner artist!

For more information 
and to sign up:
Speak to your child’s teacher or contact our Art in Action Coordinator.

To learn more about the Art in Action program, visit the website: