Chinese After School Program (CASP)


About Us

The Argonne Chinese After School Program (CASP) was founded and established by parents in 1999. CASP is a parent-run organization that operates within guidelines set by the Argonne’s Parent Teacher Organization (PTO), a not-for- profit organization with the 501(c) (3) status. CASP provides Mandarin language instruction classes and enrichment for Argonne students grades K-5.  CASP is California Heritage School.

Philosophy (教学理念) & Mission (教学宗旨)

At CASP, we believe in raising bilingual/multicultural children together. Our after school enrichment program provides Argonne students with an opportunity to learn Chinese as a second language and increase their understanding and appreciation of the Chinese Language, customs, and culture. CASP’s highly skilled instructors and instructor assistants create meaningful content and activities so our children learn to speak Chinese naturally while having fun and developing a keen understanding of the Chinese Culture. 

CASP’s mission is to empower students to strive for basic proficiency in the Chinese Language and as active learners in understanding Chinese Culture through language and arts.

Academics & Culture

During the week, students learn Mandarin with simplified characters (Han Yu Pin Yin). Our instructors have more than 20 years of experience teaching Chinese. We focus on developing student’s listening, speaking, reading, writing, and understanding of Chinese Culture. Classes are conducted primarily in Mandarin with some English translation. Our instructors and instructor assistants create a fun and enjoyable learning atmosphere through play, music, songs, art and stories.

There are four different class levels for students and we currently utilize the BetterChinese ( curriculum. Students engage in historical traditions to learn and celebrate Chinese holidays through artwork, writing and performances.

Activities & Events 

Throughout the year, CASP students will celebrate many of the Chinese holidays through artwork, writing, dumpling making and performances.  Some of the holidays celebrated in past years include Winter Solstice (Dongzhi Festival) 冬至节, Lunar New Year, Spring Festival, and ChingMing Festival.

Registration for 2021-2022 / Enroll HERE

All levels are welcome.  No prior Chinese language skills are necessary. CASP accepts applications year round.  Applications for waitlisted students will be kept on file pending future openings.

Program Calendar & Daily Schedule

2021-2022 CASP Schedule

Daily Schedule: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday

2:05pm –  2:30pm Check-in / Circle time / Snack 
2:30pm –  3:25pm Mandarin language instruction / Enrichment 
3:25pm –  3:45pm Recess / Snack 
3:45pm –  4:40pm Mandarin language instruction / Enrichment 
4:40pm –  5:00pm Recess 
5:00pm –  6:00pm Pick up / Homework Help / Free Time

Daily Schedule: Wednesday

12:50pm –  1:15pm Check-in / Circle time 
1:15pm –  1:55pm Enrichment 
1:55pm –  2:15pm Recess / Snack 
2:15pm –  2:55pm Mandarin language instruction / Enrichment 
2:55pm –  3:15pm Recess / Snack 
3:15pm –  4:05pm Mandarin language instruction / Enrichment 
4:05pm – 4:25 pm Recess / Snack 
4:25pm – 5:00 pm Enrichment 
5:00pm –  6:00pm Pick up / Homework Help / Free time 

The program operates on the same extended year calendar as Argonne Elementary. Summer session is open to Grades 1-5 only. Please contact the Site Director or Enrollment Lead for more information.

CASP events that are relevant to the entire Argonne community are included in the school-wide calendar. Meetings and other program events relevant to CASP families only are posted on the CASP Shutterfly site calendar.

Program Fees (2021-2022)

$350 per month, to be paid 10 months, from August 2021 to May 2022

* Program fees are reviewed annually and subject to change. Language Instructors may ask for additional supplies to be contributed from families for their child(ren).

Current Language Instructors

Flora Chen // Beginner Level
Anna Liang // Transitional & Intermediate Level
Vivian Gee // Advanced Level

Advisory Board (2021-2022)

Lead // Reina Fujii
Communications // Lamar Heystek
Enrollment // Reina Tse
Events // Emille Lawrence & Anna Jew
Instructor Support // Pui San Tam & Erica Ng
Website Support // Susie Davis & Winnie Fung

Honoring Past Board Members: We would like to express gratitude for these individuals for all their hard work over the years. We greatly appreciate their efforts, time, and talent to help run CASP at Argonne.
Linda Chu, Peter Chow, Joyce Cheng, Linda Luu, Jeff Luu, Amy Kam, Annie Ng, Pauline Hui, Cindy Lee, Jason Tran, Maria Tran, Annie Chinn, Hugh Do, Winnie Kwei, Gerald Crump, Judy Huey, John Chan, Joe Lam, Margaret Poza, Chris Boggess, Ulash Dunlap 

Contact Us

Email /  
Address / 680 18th Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94121

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