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One of the amazing assets that Argonne has is its parents and our community. We ask you to join us!!

We need parent involvement and parent help more than ever. We are striving to become an even better coordinated and better communicating parent community. We will try to increase our fundraising, continue to provide our children with the extracurricular programming and special academic support they deserve. We will continue to help Ms. Sharp implement the District’s strategic plan and we plan to work on a host of other activities.

Thank you to all of you who are involved and bring so much energy and talent ot our school. We encourage new parents and anyone who has not yet been able to participate to join us!

Volunteer Opportunities

Our Involved Parent and Community Volunteers Make Argonne Shine!

Parent involvement is the key to maintaining a great school. If you are already involved, stay involved. If you can do more, we ask that you do.

Here is a list of what volunteers can do at Argonne.

  • ACE: Parent Teacher Organization elected positions as described below or simply join the committee and help out.
  • Become a room parent
  • GATE (Gifted And Talented Education) committee
  • Safe Schools Committee
  • Art in Action: teach the Art in Action curriculum in your child’s classroom.
  • Organize a Scholastic book fair chair
  • Mayfair: there are lots of possibilities to help out with the annual carnival
    • Food
    • Games
    • Silent Auction and Raffle
  • Go on field trips with your child’s classroom
  • Help out in the classroom on a regular basis
  • Become a science coordinator and assist teachers with the new science curriculum.
  • Be a lunch time supervisor
  • Coach kickball in the spring
  • Become our web master


Each year we are looking for additional parents willing to be more involved in the PTO. The PTO is seeking people who are willing to take on the following responsibilities:


We want to make sure we are communicating with each other effectively. This includes helping publish a weekly (mostly on-line) newsletter, managing our Argonne website, keeping family database up-to-date and other communication strategies.


We are working to better integrate our new computer lab and technology with grade-level appropriate curriculum in the classroom. We are looking for parents with Macintosh administration skills to help on an ongoing basis to help the lab running smoothly

Fundraising/Resource Development

We need added parent volunteers willing to help us pursue grants, develop partnerships and fundraise. This includes the giving letter, Mayfair and all the other new ideas we can deploy next year to increase our goals! We have a great crew that works tirelessly for our school, but they can always use an extra pair of hands….

English Language Advisory Committee (ELAC)

We enlist Chinese speaking parents to work with out current ELAC chair to monitor, promote and support the learning of our students of limited English proficiency and with advising the PTO on bilingual education programs.


We need committed parent volunteers willing to help us plan special programs and events.

Volunteer coordinating

We need set, committed parent volunteer coordinators to help us recruit and track parent volunteers to make sure we leverage all the resources available and have us organized and ready for any activity that needs a pair of hands!

Green Argonne

We need committed parent volunteers willing to lead Argonne through a conversation and later planning and development of a schoolyard initiative that includes beautification, greening, and providing healthy choices for our school.