Good Eggs Fundraiser

I’m excited to announce that we will be included in a Good Eggs school fundraiser for this fall. Good Eggs is an online grocer delivering fresh groceries to families throughout the Bay Area. Beginning October 1 through November 30, Good Eggs will donate 5% back on every order that is placed with them, all you need to do is use our school code:  WOLFPACK when you order.  Why start using them today?  If we can get 20 new Good Eggs families to start, Argonne will also get a $500 fundraising bonus.  Additionally, any new families/customers will get $15 off their first order.

How does someone join the fundraiser?

1. Visit
2. Enter the code WOLFPACK and click “Shop Now.”
3. Add your groceries to your Good Eggs basket and place your order. You will see confirmation text on the checkout page that says “You’re supporting Argonne Elementary School!”

Please note: You have to actually place an order using the school code to join the fundraiser. If you add the school code at but then use a different code at checkout, you have not joined the fundraiser. This is important.

Do parents have to enter the code every time they shop?
Nope! Once you’ve placed an order using this code, it sticks in your basket all the way through November 30th. You’ll continue to see the confirmation text –– “You’re supporting Argonne Elementary School!” –– at checkout every time you place an order from now through the end of November, confirming that you have indeed joined.

Do parents get a discount with the code?
New Good Eggs customers get $15 off their first order with this school code. Customers who already shop with Good Eggs do not get a discount, but they have to use the code to join the fundraiser.

Feel free to forward to your friends and families.

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