Green Argonne


Green Argonne helps students grown food and connect with nature. We support the natural spaces at Argonne that foster curiosity, creativity, community-building, and well-being through nature-based play, hands-on learning, and community stewardship.   History of Green Argonne and Work to Date Green Argonne was formed in Fall 2009 as a PTO work group intent on tackling a couple of issues at school: beautification, increasing opportunities to green our campus, and removing the use of harmful chemicals from our school.   To date, we’ve toured nearly a dozen school-based garden programs throughout SFUSD, repainted and cleaned up the K yard, added tiles painted by Argonne students at Field Day to the front entrance of the school, enrolled in SFUSD’s green cleaning program, organized Green Up, Clean Up for the main yard and built six planter boxes for classroom use under the solar panel.