Growing Friends in the Argonne Gardens

It’s been an exciting start to the 2015 school year at the Argonne gardens.

It started with the welcoming of a full time garden educator Abdoulie Jallow. He hails from a team of Americore students who have training in environmental studies and how to connect that education with gardens and life sciences for younger kids. Abdoulie will meet with all classrooms all year round, assuring kids get plenty of opportunity to learn.

The second floor gardens have provided lots of learning opportunities: examining soil, learning about roots, even breaking apart a fava bean to learn about the different parts and how they grow. We had a very successful first work day in October and planted tons of new natives and flowers in our orchard and set up these really cool bug boxes.

Our edible gardens have lots of new winter greens, our orchards are thriving and our natives continue to add greenery and beauty to our sidewalks. Come by the gardens to see what we have growing. Ask your children to point out what they see growing and if it’s from the edible garden, how you might be able to use it in your next meal.





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