Room Parents

Our Role

Room parents are crucial classroom volunteers and are the central liaison between classrooms, parents, teachers, and the Argonne Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO). They are critical to the many facets of engaging families in supporting students and Staff.

The three primary roles are:

  1. Communication & Engagement ​of class families about room and school-wide news, events, and fundraising;
  2. Planning & Coordination of classroom volunteers to assist teachers with in-class activities and seek volunteers for school-wide efforts, and;
  3. Build Community to strengthen the sense of diversity and inclusion in the classroom & our school.

Our Task

Communicate & Engage

  • Ensure each child’s family are signed up for Konstella and the PTO Newsletter
  • Collaborate with class teacher on their ideas to effectively communicate with parents throughout the year and determine means to relay Teacher-Parent Communication.
  • Engage parents throughout the year and provide volunteer opportunities in-class and school-wide such as field trips, Art in Action, class celebrations, Field Day, Stop, Drop, and Go, Staff Appreciation weeks, etc.  as well as fundraising efforts such as Walkathon, Giving Letter Campaign, Spring Fair raffle tickets, and much more.

Coordinate & Plan

  • Maintain teacher-room parent connectivity to gain insight on classroom needs.
  • Recruit help for both in-class and school-wide activities.
  • Assess parent involvement and delegate effectively to ensure there are ample opportunities for parents to get involve are available.
  • Set up options for parents to connect, share, learn, and volunteer.

Community Building

  • Welcome kindergarten and new transfer families to school by personally reaching out and acclimating them into the classroom, the school community, and provide resource or support to cultivate new relationships & support our inclusive culture.
  • Organize opportunities throughout the year for parents to stay connected and engaged & celebrate the diverse cultures in our school.

Are you interested in becoming a room parent?
Email our Room Parent Coordinator – Ana Maria DeLuca

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