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Guidelines & Suggestions on Engaging Families

  • Appreciation
    • Giving Thanks & Recognizing volunteers for their time and effort is at the heart of parent engagement. Taking the time to properly recognize parents for their contributions motivates them to be more involve and feel valued.​
  • Google Groups
  • Contact Information
    • Work with teacher on how to best collect parent information (names, email, mobile numbers).
    • Consider privacy and security in all aspects of communication and planning.
  • Messaging
    • With teacher approval, determine the best platform to use in communicating to parents. There are varied options to choose from such as secured online or cloud based sites, emails, or paper newsletters. The ultimate goal is that it reaches the parents timely and effectively.
    • Set up visible calendar and set reminders on class activities such as field trips, parent-led sessions, children’s birthdays, holidays, etc. as well as school fundraising efforts.
  • Event Planning/Parties/Celebrations
    • Work with teacher to schedule and plan classroom parties, holidays and other events.
    • Post logistics of party dates/celebrations on a shared site calendar, if your class uses one. For families opting out of e-notifications, distribute it on paper format.
    • Create signup sheets for party contributions (food, utensils, etc.) and for onsite help (online or paper).
    • For Teacher Appreciation efforts, below are guidelines:
      • Read this information on Gifts to Public School Teacher
      • Inquire with the teacher on their gift preference.
      • Teacher Appreciation normally occurs during holiday season and end of fall term. Determine options to collect money from families (in-person, envelope, Paypal).
      • ­ Be cognizant of affordability for all when it comes to gift purchases.
      • For cash gifts/gift cards, gauge a range that families could afford and contribute (for example: $10-$40) .
      • ​Keep in mind that students and their families also usually give teachers tokens of appreciation (cards, etc.).
  • Explore and Recruit
    • Explore options on easy to use free signup platforms to recruit volunteers for class and school activities for class events and school-wide request for volunteers. See Resources below.
    • Continuously recruit for class support when needed and fundraising efforts
  • ​Community Building
    • Seek feedback from families on how to stay connected outside the classroom. Park playdates or doing a group community outreach are just a couple of examples to start from. It’s much easier to recruit help when people feel connected to the classroom community.
    • For the same reason (and just because it’s fun), it is advantageous for room parents to organize moms’/dads’/parents’-nights- out during the year as well.​


2017-2018 Room Parent Coordinator

Ana Maria DeLuca –

“At the end of the day, the most overwhelming key to a child’s success is the positive involvement of parents” – Jane D. Hull