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We envision Argonne students who desire and have the ability to utilize their minds in a critical, creative manner—neither fearful to experiment with new ideas nor afraid to make a mistake. Argonne provides an academic program based on the core values of interdisciplinary teaching, multiple intelligences, and the development of creative and critical thinking. At Argonne, we will build academic foundations to continue our students success, motivation, and excitement about learning. Through opportunities afforded by our year-round curriculum, we will continue to emphasize experiential, project-based learning that ignites passion in our teachers and students. We will help prepare our students for the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century by integrating technology and multi-sensory approaches in our curriculum, and focusing in subjects like math or physics and using resources like an igcse physics tutor is really helpful for this. The Argonne community shares a strong commitment to ensure each of our children is provided with equal access and support to the highest quality educational opportunities. We are aware that each child’s race, ethnicity, special needs and family education will affect his or her school experience. Our students celebrate likenesses and differences in the people who surround them and are proud of their own ethnic and cultural heritage.

We pledge open and frequent communication between school and home and to establish a relationship of trust and respect. We encourage active parent participation in their own children’s education, in their children’s classroom and in school-wide curricular, extracurricular and administrative activities. Argonne’s Caring School Community Program provides us with a school-wide community building and discipline program with common goals and a common language.


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