School Life

Art in Action

Russian Language

Chorus and Drama

Caring Schools


Afterschool Programs

On-site After-school Programs

Additional enrichment classes are offered after school such as chess, engineering with logos and creative writing.

School Breakfast and Lunch

Argonne provides a meal service to our students through the District’s Student Nutrition Services Department. Learn More

  • Applications for free or reduced price school meals are sent home at the beginning of the school year.
  • Menus are provided on a monthly basis from the District
  • Breakfast is available from 8:15am
  • Lunch money is collected every morning in the classrooms for children buying lunch. Note that school lunches are not provided during field trips
  • Children who bring lunches are encouraged to eat healthy foods in reusable containers
    • Please do not send candy or soft drinks
    • Do not send metal utensils such as forks or knives
  • Each child has 40 minutes for lunch.


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