Volunteer Recognition Survey

As a school community, we’re incredibly fortunate to benefit from a dedicated group of volunteers who fill  many important roles every day. We’re seeking recognition nominations for volunteers who have made an especially big impact at Argonne in school-wide volunteer roles and/or as dedicated classroom volunteers, this school year 2017-18.

Please go to this Survey to submit a volunteer recognition suggestion and you’ll have a chance to win a $50 gift card (your choice of vendor). You can submit as many nominations as you’d like–you’ll get another chance to win for each nomination. You can enter anonymously, but you won’t be able to win if we don’t know who you are 🙂 Your information will be kept confidential.
We’d also love your feedback re: volunteering at Argonne and suggestions for volunteers for open roles (like Spring Fair Coordinator). For every question you answer, you’ll get another chance to win.