School-wide & Classroom Volunteering

Our school relies heavily on Argonne parents and caregivers as volunteers to support our kids and keep our programs and events running smoothly. From Spring Fair, to PTO-sponsored events before, during, and outside of school, we rely on parent and caregiver volunteers to enhance the quality of the educational experience for our kids. Building an even stronger volunteer spirit at Argonne benefits all of us, especially Argonne’s students. Vision Our vision is an Argonne where all families are able to contribute their time, energy, and creativity to build our community and improve our school for our children.

Argonne Parents and Caregivers can view all of our Committees, Lead Volunteer Roles, and Volunteer Opportunities by going to our school’s Konstella page.  Lend a hand and Sign Up to volunteer!

Guiding Principles
  1. Both school-wide and classroom volunteering are critical to our school.
  2. Just as we want every family to donate what they can to our giving letter, we also want to create opportunities for every family to volunteer
  3. We hope that each family can volunteer for at least 10 to 20 hours per year. Ten hours per year is just 1 hour per month or 15 minutes per week.
  4. We understand that family and work circumstances make it very difficult for some families to volunteer, but we believe we can find opportunities for nearly everyone.
  5. Ideally, school-wide volunteer roles should be held for two years. In order to prevent volunteer burnout and ensure continuity of institutional knowledge, volunteers should not hold the same school-wide role for more than three years.
  6. Volunteer roles should be fun, rewarding, and manageable. If a particular role takes too much time and energy, we need to find ways to share responsibilities.
The role of the PTO’s volunteer coordinator is to recruit volunteers and to make sure that volunteers have the support they need. For more information, contact argonnevolunteer@gmail.com.
Room Parents Room parents are crucial classroom volunteers and are the central liaison between classrooms, parents, teachers, and the Argonne Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO). They are critical to the many facets of engaging families in supporting students and Staff. The three primary roles are: (1) Communication & Engagement ​of class families about room and school-wide news, events, and fundraising; (2) Planning & Coordination of classroom volunteers to assist teachers with in-class activities and volunteers for school-wide efforts, and; 3) Build Community to strengthen the sense of diversity and inclusion in the classroom & our school.